Psychological Services incorporating Equine, Nature and Canine therapies

From 1st February ‘21 online therapy sessions available only.

For Practitioners

"I hold the rich relationships and experiences gained through this work as a clinical supervisor as an important part of our process to enjoy together."

Clinical Supervision

Philippa is a qualified clinical supervisor with a doctoral training background in Counselling Psychology. She is a registered member of the BACP; Graduate member of the BPS; Senior Member and Clinical Supervisor of the ACCPH and Registered Senior Practitioner and Clinical Supervisor of LEAP Equine.

Philippa offers a broad base to explore how best to support your professional goals and clinical practice; whether you are a trainee, qualified, or seeking to explore innovative ways of improving how you work.

She has worked in long-term private practice, as well as multi-disciplinary teams and the charity sector. She is an associate providing psychological therapy for an international residential rehabilitation clinic in Holland, incorporating complex individual and family case work. This is in conjunction with her work as an equine facilitated psychotherapist. Philippa has currently and previously supervised a broad range of practitioners, from in-training counsellors, transpersonal psychotherapists and clinical psychologists, as well as equine facilitated psychotherapists.

Philippa has a strong formulative approach, providing a platform for evidence-based practice. Trainee's in particular find this aspect very useful for improving technique and gaining confidence for integrating theory into practice in varying clinical settings. She uses Hawkins and Shohet's Seven Eyed supervision model as a base for sessions to encompass a structured, systemic, yet process-orientated approach.

Clinical Supervision Practice:

Philippa holds and models strong clinical boundaries to ensure you are supported in a safe, structured way. This is also essential for you to feel confident in bringing ethical dilemmas and safeguarding issues to sessions, as well as internalising the 'ideal clinical supervisor' within your own work. Philippa holds the rich relationships and experiences gained through this work as a clinical supervisor as an important part of our process to enjoy together.

What to expect:

Philippa offers a free 15 minute phone call to see whether we think we might be suited to working together.

In your first supervision session, we outline your goals and requirements for supervision, and if appropriate start to build a supervisory contract together.

This session is also used to explore your strengths, and areas you'd like to improve, and again, whether you and Philippa feel she is the right supervisor to support you.

We may agree to focus solely on our work in a clinical setting, or we may feel that incorporating some equine assisted experiential sessions for times/ areas you feel stuck might be useful.

Following this session, if you are still unsure about whether Philippa is the right supervisor for you, there is no obligation to commit to future sessions.

Future work together:

Philippa is able to collaboratively tailor the clinical supervision to suit you and your work as an individual or organisation:

  • Flexibility for duration and frequency (in line with BACP guidelines)
  • In a comfortable, private room-based setting
  • Experiential equine facilitated supervision, including constellations, body-based awareness and mindfulness-based practice in a private facility
  • Experiential nature based supervision
  • Online/ telephone

Continued Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) courses are run on topics relating to Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning.  Specifically, Equine Enlightenment has designed two models that offer training to enhance practitioner’s work.

For more information please email:

"“I have been attending supervision with Philippa for a year. Philippa has a wealth of theoretical knowledge to share as well as being very intuitive and fully present in the sessions. I attended an equine assisted supervision session with Philippa which was fantastic. It was great to be reflexive of my client work in a different capacity and it was hugely enlightening. Through my private supervision with Philippa, I have learnt a lot and have grown in confidence in my practice.”"
- Rachel, Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist

"I have been having supervision with Philippa for the last year now. Philippa has been a great guide into my new career as an equine facilitated psychotherapist. She has held my hand along the journey and supported me when I've had my 'I'm not sure if I'm doing it right' moments. She has got me to question my practice, develop my practice and enjoy and embrace my practice. I come away from our supervision sessions with thoughts and questions which I process and adapt my practice to. I am challenged on my theory, ethics and clients, which gives me a better understanding of why I am doing the job that I am doing. I look forward to my sessions with Phillipa to be able to share my ups and my downs. I would not be in the position I am now with my therapy work, without having Philippa by my side."
- Michelle, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist

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